Lent, Day 4: “May I Wait Well”

What will I do in my waiting?
I’ll try and serve you, I will

But Adam,
He set me on course
He brought monsters to the table
Out, Mammon
Molech and Baal
Get lost
Stop blocking my light
I have a job to do

These tickets to a triumphal entry
The return of our Lord
May it not take long
May I wait well


Lent, Day 3: “To Really Know Him”

To know God, to really know Him
To feel his pulse inside my chest
To delight in what he delights
To detest what he detests

To know God, to really know Him
To understand who He really is
To befriend that which is holy
To love His people like He loves His

Why, then, am I comfortable
Simply knowing about Him?

Oh, to know God, to really know Him…

Lent, Day 2: “Anointing”

Anointing to protect: shepherds, with care, would rub slick oil on their flock
So ticks wouldn’t burrow in the sheep’s ears,
Causing death

Anointing to honor: Mary, enamored with her Lord, stole to her storeroom
Repurposed her ointment for Jesus’ feet,
Showing respect

Anointing to save: Jesus, love manifest, seals God’s promise
And sends His Spirit as a guarantee,
Displaying mercy

Lent, Day 1: “Dust”

To what I once was I will return
Dust – the dirt under the colt
Maybe His feet will dangle low?

Wave the palms while they’re still green!
Here, take my coat to spread on the road
May His feet feel comfort from sackcloth

……“Who is this?”
………….“Who is this?”
I’d rather yell my answer from amidst the filth
Not seek clean shade under a temple table

Some Questions About the Apocolypse

I wonder will thunder sound its blasts o’er and under
The red molten core of that faraway hill?
Or whether it’ll sever the last scrawny tether
Holding earth and her Heaven with their balance so still?

I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know what’ll happen
When the skies come unfastened and the dark waters spill
Forever. Forever. Is it possible they’ll ever
Fall and drown the red crown of that faraway hill?